St. Louis SLAM Not Thrilled About Lingerie League Coming To Town

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- St. Louis is getting a new football team, but don't confuse the players for cheerleaders. The lingerie league is bringing a full contact team to town.

They will be wearing helmets, pads, cleats and that is about all.

For the last 10 years, the St. Louis SLAM have brought a women's football national championship home to the area.

Most of them were not happy when they heard the news of a Lingerie Football League coming to town.

They were disappointed because the team says they have worked so hard to bring legitimacy to the sport of women’s football for the last decade.

Their championship in 2009 was a big step in making believers out of the St. Louis football fanbase.

The SLAM play real football in full pads and by complete NFL rules.

The players say they don't believe the lingerie football team creates competition for their own league because the lingerie league brings something entirely different to the table.

The SLAM play all of their home games at Oakville High School on Saturday nights.

They are currently 2 and 2 on the year and will play on June 2nd at home.

Lingerie Football League
St. Louis SLAM

Try Outs In St. Louis for Lingerie Football League

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