Streaker Arrested At Cardinals Game

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - It`s the video seen around the world, a fan running naked across the field at Busch Stadium Thursday night. It happened late in the game as the Cardinals faces the Phillies.

The suspect, 22-year-old Collin Grundstrom of Jefferson City is facing two city charges.

"We don`t take it lightly, it is never a joke for us it is very serious and the consequences are real," said Joe Abernathy, Cardinals Vice President of Operations.

"Any disruption like that is intolerable for us, whether it is five seconds or a few minutes like that one was, there is no place for that in baseball or in the City of St. Louis,"  Abernathy said.

Ushers and police surrounded Grundstrom, eventually tackling him and covering him with towels until his clothes could be found.

"We have security staff along the field and out ushers down along the field boxes who are trained to look for that sort of stuff but it is a big crowd and you can`t quite see everybody, as we found out in this one," Abernathy said.

Grundstrom was at the game with friends, legitimately sitting in field box seats in right field belonging to an unnamed season ticket holder.

Grundstrom reportedly streaked because he lost a bet. Fans are mixed in their reactions.

"It is a family oriented place, I don`t think there is any need for anything like that to go on," said Doug Chadwell, a fan from Norwood, Missouri.  

Another member of the Chadwell family had a somewhat different opinion.

'I think it is funny and I wish I would have seen it but it probably was uncalled for and not good,' said J.D. Chadwell.

Shannon Hayden of Belleville was actually at the game.

"Crazy," she said, adding, "I googled the guy's name, I was curious what they were going to say on the internet and on Google there are already 61,000 things on there, 61,000 so he got the attention he wanted."

Grundstrom faces two city charges, spectator on the field and lewd conduct.  The first is punishable by a fine between $25 and $500, and/or 30 days in jail.  The lewd conduct charge carries a fine between $90  and $500 with up to 90 days in jail.

However, a spokesperson for the St. Louis Circuit Attorney says city police have contacted that office asking for a review of the evidence to determine whether state charges are also warrented.

Grundstrom was expected to be released from the city jail late Friday evening.

Video and still photos of the streaking incident were quickly circulated on social media.  So many fans tried to transmit the images immediately after the incident that other fans were unable to get cell service for about 30 minutes.

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