Thieves Stealing From Children’s Gravesites

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GRANITE CITY, IL (KTVI)-- Someone has been stealing special items from babies’ graves in Granite City.  It’s happened at St. John Cemetery on Maryville Road.  The value of the items is probably less than $100 but they are priceless to families and they are priceless for parents.  The thefts are breaking people’s hearts.  Julia Campbell visits her son’s grave twice day.  Parker Levi Campbell was born with a fatal medical condition and lived only hours.

Campbell discovered a mess when she arrived at Parker’s gravesite Thursday. “When I got here everything was turned upside down and just tossed everywhere.”  She added, “It breaks my heart to know that he’s not even at peace. He’s supposed to be resting in peace out here and not having people come and mess with his stuff.”

Several months ago and then Thursday thieves took items from Parker’s final resting place including, toys, lights, statues, even one from the baby’s funeral. Campbell said, “This stuff doesn’t mean anything to them, it’s valueless to them to me it’s everything. It’s all I have to decorate it’s the closet thing I have to be to him.”

She said she’s filed police reports.  Detective are investigating, they have no leads and could use the public’s help in solving the case. One cemetery official said sadly thefts from graves are not unusual at the Granite City location and in other graveyards around the area.  Randy Johns is a cemetery superintendent, “It goes on from time to time sometimes you might go a year without it one year you got it every other week or every other month you know.”

Johns said it would be too expensive to install security cameras.  Julia Campbell said she may install one of her own to keep watch on Parker’s grave, “I don’t have a nursery to decorate I have a gravesite to decorate so for them to come and take it it’s heartless.”