A Unique Memorial For A Fallen Soldier

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EUREKA, MO (KTVI) - A rolling memorial to a fallen Marine makes a big impression outside the entrance to Six Flags in Eureka.

'It`s breathtaking,' said Six Flags visitor Lesha Pinkston. 'I mean it almost brings a tear to my eye.'

The memorial is a restored 1951 Chevrolet pickup truck. An Indiana artist spent 7 months air brushing images of fallen Marine Phillip Vinnedge on parts of the truck. One side shows Afghanistan and the other side of the truck shows images from Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.

'I had one gentleman it took him 3 times before he could actually talk,' said Julie Vinnedge. Her son, Phillip Vinnedge was 19 when he was killed in Afghanistan. He was one of 25 U.S. Marines killed from the same battalion.

He loved Six Flags and also wanted to restore an old truck. Memorial Day was the perfect opportunity for Phillip`s family to unveil the truck at the Six Flags entrance.

One visitor said he was humbled and honored to see the vivid details painted onto one truck.

'We`re hear enjoying Six Flags on Memorial Day and not everyone can be here doing that,' said Chad Pinkston.

Thousands of visitors had the opportunity to see the truck that`s being called the Fallen Hero`s Dream Ride.

'Our military is still going to war and unfortunately people are dying every day,' said Julie Vinnedge.

She described this Memorial Day as rewarding for so many visitors to see the tribute to her son and to know he was a hero.

Julie Vinnedge says the Fallen Hero's Dream Ride will be used to help local charities and remind everyone about the sacrifices all military families make.

For more information visit www.fallenherosdreamride.org.