Editorial – Thank A Veteran For Your Freedom

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Had a conversation with a person who stopped me at a Walgreens today to talk about the current state of affairs. He was generally griping about the government, and Wall Street and taxes and just everything in general! I patiently listened and then offered this observation that I think is fitting this memorial day.
We are so blessed to be in a nation where we can express our views and opinions and…… not be summarily shot, or hauled off to jail where we disappear in oblivion with no one every knowing what happened to us! Or hauled before a military tribunal where our fate is already prejudged and then summarily shot! Such are the conditions in many nations of the world where people are terrified of expressing an opinion on anything much less the Government! Certainly I couldn’t do something like “You Paid For It!” in many nations of the world! I would have long since disappeared without a trace and everyone would have been afraid to ask the question. What happened to Elliott!?  Such dictatorships, and tyrannical, and ruthless regimes exist in many places in the world.
We can disagree, and protest and when we really get fed up we can “Throw the offending politicians out of office and start over with a new crew! And if they aren’t any better throw them out too! But at least we have that right!” The only reason we still have that right is because of the brave men and woman who have been willing to go to war and risk their lives to preserve that freedom! Those are all the veterans who believed liberty was worth fighting for and worth preserving!
The nations resolve has been tested time at again. Certainly World War II was a clear case where the nations very way of life was threatened. Imagine the world if American had not risen to the occasion with the ferocity that was required to preserve liberty.  The people who fought and died were just ordinary Americans who rose to the occasion to perform and extraordinary duty! The world would have been a lot different under Hitler. America, the Arsenal of Democracy stood between Hitler and victory.
The same is true of the Citizens who have answer the call in every conflict. Look at those willing to put their lives on the line in the Cuban Missile crisis during Kennedy’s administration.  Hundreds of thousands of young soldiers and sailors and Marines stood ready to go into harms way. America’s resolved prevented A World War Three nuclear Armageddon! Our Veterans of World War One , Vietnam, and Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan are made of the same commitment bravery and loyalty as those who have always answered the call.
So on this Memorial Day as we go to barbeques, and outdoor events and shopping, as we engage in political discourse, or protests or whatever, take a moment to stop and say thank you to all the real hero’s the veterans, who are the reason we still enjoy so many of the freedoms we often take for granted.
Remember millions of veterans gave their life so that we could continue to be free to complain if we want in public.