Pregnant Detroit Woman Burned, Shot, Survived

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DETROIT, MI (KTVI) - Police in Warren, Michigan say a 22-year-old pregnant woman and her unborn baby are alive following a grisly crime Saturday morning.

The victim is nine months pregnant.  She was dropping her ex-boyfriend off at the home of his new girlfriend following a drive-in movie. The two pulled into the garage, got out of the car, then the garage door closed.

Police say the woman's ex grabbed her by the throat and he put a gun to her head. She was blindfolded, duct taped,  then driven to an alley in Detroit.

Liquid was poured over her and she was set on fire and shot in the back.

Despite all of that, the woman freed herself and escaped to safety to tell police what happened.

Her ex-boyfriend is in custody.

Ultrasound shows the unborn baby is healthy. The woman is still listed in serious condition.