Squatter Creates Start-Up While Crashing At AOL

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PALO ALTO, CA (CNN) - A squatter on the Palo Alto, California campus of Internet giant AOL made the most of his time while sofa surfing. It helped him launch his own start-up.

He was squatting at AOL's headquarters when he ran out of rent money. Simons was hired by Silicon Valley investors to work at a new incubator, a group that focuses on new ideas. They work out of rented space in AOL'S Palo Alto headquarters. But when the program ended Simons wanted to keep going, to perfect his idea that would help teachers revolutionize education.  It wasn't hard to just move right on in to AOL.

He started stuffing two lockers outside the company gym. And he helped himself to aol's food.

For nearly two months, he kept up this ruse, working in the incubator offices on the first floor, then sneaking up to the third floor where he'd get a few hours of shut eye.  It's where the security guards never patrolled.

No one caught on, but there were whispers. One night the building manager found him and it was over. But Simons says he did what he had to do to build his company now called Classconnect.

He didn't go home and now venture capitalists are investing. Simons is living in a rented house and there's been no backlash from AOL. He says if he had to he'd do it all again.

According to CNET, Simons has received another $50,000 in venture capital funding for his website, which allows teachers to share lesson plans.

He is still allowed on the AOL campus in Palo Alto, but for work only.