Ferguson Still Rebuilding After Good Friday Tornado

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FERGUSON, MO (KTVI)-- The Good Friday tornado of 2011 was so destructive, communities are still rebuilding. Residents of Ferguson are coming together and will celebrate in a unique way this Sunday.

In all the devastation since the Good Friday Tornado, one thing has happened. Rosalind Williams with the City of Ferguson explains, "a number of homes lost their roofs, major damage to houses within this area."

Residents have come out and shared their common experience and have gotten to know their neighbors.

"The city has a number of organized and they've requested to be organized to deal with their current issues or immediate issues surrounding the tornado."

Elizabeth Simons with Live Well Ferguson says, "Sunday Parkways is an event that can allow neighbors to meet each other it can allow people from outside of Ferguson to come visit and see the neighborhood. And its also a chance for neighbors to to come out and enjoy their own neighborhood."

Planners of Sunday's event want you to know Ferguson is back, it's open, and they're ready to welcome you.

Williams says, "People should come to Ferguson because it's a great place to live. It's a well established, older neighborhood or community and we have a lot of housing stock that is very livable and we want to just create a better quality of life for everybody."

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