Increased Police Presence On Washington Avenue

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- If you're planning to head to Washington Avenue this weekend you many notice an increased police presence. But it's not because of crime.

The St. Louis Police Department will spend the next several weekends evaluating the nightlife on Washington Avenue, in particular the increased traffic. They will look at ways to make improvements to keep everyone happy, from the patrons to the business owners and the loft residents.

In the last decade Wash Ave. has gone from a late night club district, to a thriving business and residential district. But with that growth, comes lots of traffic.

There have been complaints about the weekend traffic, especially from residents. So the police department will have extra officers on hand to look at ways to make weekends on Wash Ave. better for everyone.

 Cruising seems to be one of the biggest problems, especially going into the summer months. So some streets will even be closed.

 All traffic will be stopped at 10th Street to 14th at 11 p.m. Friday to about 3 a.m. The same thing will happen on Saturday night.

This has nothing to with violent crime on Washington Avenue.

 Residents have complained about patrons drinking on the streets, stopping traffic and even public urination.

 The police department is also looking for input from the public, from residents, businesses and patrons. You can email them with any suggestions. Please e-mail with your suggestions.

Expect to see the extra officers and closed streets on Washington Avenue for the next several weekends.

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