Center Of Creative Arts Summer Camps

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UNIVERSITY CITY, MO. (KTVI) - Monday is a busy day in University City; it’s the first day of summer camp.  Right now we have more than 3800 kids enrolled in the summer arts camp.

For some it`s a day of dread, but not for the 3800 kids counting the minutes until the center of creative arts opened their doors this morning.

Thomas Schartmer/10-Year Old Summer Camper
I woke up at 430.

Natalie Scheers/10-Year Old Summer Camper
Well before this I got really excited this morning.  I woke up at 6 o'clock this morning and got all excited.  For camp today?  Yes.

All across the St. Louis region summer camps kicked into gear today.
At coca, they high kicked, sang and drew on the arts as inspiration for these young minds.

Natalie Scheers/10-Year Old Summer Camper
I'm learning how to cook in some of them and some of the other ones and learn how to sing dance and act and in other ones I've done drawing.

Thomas Schartmer/10-Year Old Summer Camper
I like going home and telling my family how much fun I had and I never stop talking about it.

Shawna Flanigan/ COCA Dir. Arts and Education
I think they're learning about the art form and they are getting to exercise with creativity along the way so I think it a great way to introduce the kids who may not know they love the arts to the arts.

For Natalie scheers and Thomas Schartmer, the two ten year olds have the golden ticket.  They were learning their lines for their upcoming performance of Willy Wonka Jr.

Natalie Scheers/10-Year Old Summer Camper
I want to be on Broadway hopefully.

Thomas Schartmer/10-Year Old Summer Camper
And that's what my dream is to be on Broadway when I grow up.  Do you think this camp will help you with that dream?   Yes.

And that`s precisely why many of these children are returning to this summer camp.

They hope to get a return on their summer investment.

Patrick Clark, NEWS11.