57 Charges Filed After East St. Louis Clubs Raided

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EAST ST. LOUIS, IL (KTVI) - The ongoing battle between police and night clubs in East St. Louis lead to a triple raid over the weekend.  They called it "Operation Last Call". Police raided three East St. Louis night clubs early Sunday morning looking for any illegal activity, like drugs and underage drinking.

Prosecutors say raids resulted in charges being filed against the owners and managers of several East St. Louis nightclubs and against the Crown Food Convenience Store chain.

Police say they seized illegal drugs, a large amount of so-called look-alike drugs, and $200,000 in cash.

A total of 57 charges have been filed, including drug possession and sale of alcohol to  minors.

The liquor licenses of all three Crown Food locations in East St. Louis have been suspended.

Late night clubs, particularly those in East St. Louis, have been the scene of numerous shootings. Among those conducting the raids were the Illinois State Police, the St. Clair County County Sheriff's Department, state liquor control agents, and event agents with the East Side Health District.


Motion to Impanel Special GJ

Last Call Search Warrants

Last Call PR 2

State - Forfeiture Complaint

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