Vandals, Burglars Hit Highland, IL

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HIGHLAND, IL (KTVI)-- It appears burglars turned into vandals over the weekend in Highland Illinois.  Police said they’ve investigated about 4 car and garage break-ins and recently vandals used markers to write raunchy words on one property.

The vandalism happened to Jennifer Hilling’s home, “It was just a horrible feeling to have that happen.”  Folks who live in the Prairie Trails subdivision said it’s usually quiet and beautiful.  But things turned ugly recently.  Jennifer Hilling was out of town helping her sister who suffered devastating injuries in a car accident when vandals attacked Hilling’s residence.  Hilling said, “You can’t even leave for a week without someone doing this to you it’s a horrible feeling.”

Police said someone has also been entering unlocked garages and cars and stealing whatever they want.  One resident said, “They want money, sunglasses, I-pods, cell phones, things that teenagers want.”

Highland Police Detective Scott Athmer said, “We have recovered a little evidence from one of the incidents hopefully we’ll get that to the lab and that will turn out some leads for us.”

Jacque Davis owns a local fitness center. His wife, a hair stylist, lost hundreds of dollars when someone stole the business receipts from her car.  Crime can happen anywhere, people said the police chief lives in the area. Davis said, “Especially when you have the police chief that lives right down the road you feel like something like that shouldn’t happen let alone in your neighborhood.”

With the help of police residents plan to form a neighborhood watch.  Everyone wants the suspects caught before things get even worse.  Detective Athmer said, “It seems to be the trend as young people start breaking into cars and do the car burglary thing they graduate into older people who are doing residential or business burglaries.”

Jacque Davis added, “Just don’t come near my house again you might have some trouble.”