“Love Your Lefty” Caters To Southpaws

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - You've got to hand it to Nancy Smith. She's started a store for a certain segment of society.

"I've never seen anything like this," says Nancy Smith owner of Love Your Lefty.  "To try and find scissors for my son 15 years ago, the internet wasn't just available as it is today and now."

That's right, no more will maladroited Midwesterners feel left out.  Her business, Love Your Lefty, caters to those who've had a clunky time in a right handed world.

"The margin is in the appropriate place,' says Smith showing off a left handed notebook.  'Your headline is where it belongs in a small perforated line and as they are riding they do not have indentations all over their arms from the spirals!"

As a somewhat ambilevous on-air person, I'm sometimes all thumbs when it comes to writing with ink.  But a store like this changes the rules for, well, rulers, scissors and even spatulas.  On our visit we ran into a woman who felt right at home in this store.

"The hardest thing is just dealing with the right handed world figuring out all the messes that you got to get thru that they've made wrong," says Shannon Peterson, a lifelong left hander.

"Smudges all the way up?" asks Patrick Clark.

"To my elbow," nods Peterson.  "All the time, uh huh."

Smith hopes she's played her left handed cards well...which she also sells. That's a welcome relief for non-righties.

"This store is made for you?" asks Clark.

"Yeah I walked by and I wanted to come in and look at all the fun stuff because its stuff I can use and they can't cause I'm always in their stores," laughs Peterson.

"Yeah so take that," laughs Clark.

You'll find "Love Your Lefty" at 328 N. 4th Street in downtown St. Louis.