Babysitter Gets 4 Months For Breaking Baby’s Bones

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  ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Amanda Eisele will serve 120 days in prison and five years probation for breaking the bones of baby Jake Goeppinger.  The St. Louis County Prosecutor's Office asked for a 5 year sentence.  The victim's parents were shocked their former baby-sitter got just 4 months.

Melissa Goeppinger said, "She got what you would get for shoplifting and she almost killed our baby.  It was in the medical records that Jake was close to dying."

The Goeppingers hired then 19 year old Eisele after using a nanny search service. The baby-sitter's record was clean.  They want other parents to know their story.

Melissa explained, "You just need to trust your gut instinct.  I knew something was not right about her, so we let her go even before we realized that she had done this to Jake.  Just because we weren`t comfortable with her.  And even if this saves one child from going through the abuse that Jake did It`s worth (my husband) Toby and I talking about."
Toby added, "You just cannot ask enough questions or do enough research.  The scary thing in this whole predicament is you just don`t know.  A person can look perfect and turn out to be your worst nightmare."

The abuse was not obvious.  Their son Jake, who was 8 weeks old at the time, appeared to be sick. Doctors didn't know what was wrong with him at first, even though the broken bones were all over his body.  The Goeppingers said it took 14 doctor's visits to find what was wrong.  Then child protective workers took Jake from his parents until the babysitter confessed to breaking the child's bones during 5 visits.

Again, Jake is doing great today.  He's now two.

Judge Tom DePriest Jr. told the Court this was his most difficult sentencing.  He said he was struck by a letter from a juror, who wrote that the jury did not believe the abuse was premeditated.

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