GRAPHIC Road Rage Beating Attack In California

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IRVINE, CA. (CNN) -  One California man was brutally beaten and left on the side of Interstate 5.  And police say the whole attack was caught on camera.  

Due to the disturbing nature of the video in this piece, not all viewers may find it appropriate.

His public service though was video-taping it, because that will ultimately lead to catching these three guys. You can take that to the bank. They're going to be found.  
Get up. You can't get up?
That's how it ended.  
This is how it began, with verbal threats.  
With the music of drake playing in the background, someone inside a vehicle starts recording what is about to be a melee on the freeway.  

The CHP says it was June 12th on the northbound side of the 5 Freeway at 7th street.  
The video first posted on YouTube but since deleted is now available on a site called live leak.  
The California Highway Patrol doesn't know any of the people involved just yet.  
In fact, they are looking for the victim.  That man in the red shirt because what is about to happen to him.  
And arguably at this point, each could argue self-defense. But at some point as you see in the video, we leave the realm of self-defense and we go into the realm of assault and battery.  

The fight continues as people are blowing their horns.  You can see the traffic in the side mirror, but no one is getting out of their vehicle to stop the fight or even help the victim as the beating turns brutal.  
We counted at least five kicks, four to the victim's head before the suspects take off and people watching try to get a license plate number.  
Take a picture of that.  
I got the whole thing.  
Hey, get the license plates!  
As the suspects drive away, the victim isn't moving.   The man recording it all finally puts his vehicle in park, gets out and walks over to the victim.
Get up, man.  

He eventually sits the victim up, and at that point, the video abruptly ends.

California Highway Patrol is asking anyone who may have seen the attack or be able to identify the suspects to come forward.

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