Year After Good Friday Tornado Bridgeton Company Gets Back To Normal

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BRIDGETON, MO. (KPLR) - It`s been quite a year for Larry Hamilton and the employees of Certified Power.

'I think that was the thing with everybody,' says Larry Hamilton.  'It was like, `Wow. `'

The Bridgeton Company is an industrial manufacturer and distributor.

'We design the hydraulic systems that go on the trucks that remove the snow from the streets,' says Hamilton.

But the business that builds the tools to take on Mother Nature got the brunt of a blow from her last year on Good Friday.

'The walls in the shop back there are about 70 feet wide and we lost probably a 30 foot chunk of them from the floor to the ceiling which is about 27 feet,' says Hamilton.

It was after 8pm on April First of 2011 when Hamilton got a call from his alarm company alerting him that a tornado had touched down.

'The shop was pretty close to being completely leveled,' says Hamilton.  'There was a couple months of limbo where we weren't sure what we were going to do; we were shipping people out of town to work.'

For seven months employees worked in Earth City while this building was put back together.

'It's basically a new building on some of the old frame,' says Hamilton.  'We really wanted to come back.'

'Not only has the building undergone a transformation.  But so have some of the relationships between co-workers at this company,' says Patrick Clark.

'We're kind of a small company as I said, we're only 18 employees here but I kind of think we got a lot closer and have a little more respect for what we have,' says Hamilton.

Which happens to be a new roof overhead and a whole new outlook on things.

Patrick Clark, News 11.


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