Contact 2: Roof Insurance

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WENTZVILLE, MO (KTVI)-Roofing Contractors have been very busy the past couple of months. The April 28, 2012 hailstorm damaged thousands of roofs across the area.  A Wentzville man says he’s hit a wall when it comes to dealing with his insurance company over storm damage.  The past few months have been an exercise in frustration for Karl Bryant.

“'I will not rest until the issue is resolved.  I’m standing firm on my conviction that this is not right,” said Bryant.

 The hail damaged every house around him.  They all have new roofs or are in the process of getting a new roof.   The hail even put big holes in Bryant's siding.  But his insurance company, Liberty Mutual,  says there's no damage to his roof.  Bryant is shocked.

“Here’s my house, now, I guess I must have some sort of heavenly halo. I know I’m a man of faith, but theres a heavenly halo, skipped my house.'

 Russ Myers, owner of R Myers Roofing, is the person Bryant called right after the storm. 

“He’s got damage. He’s got pretty bad damage.  But it’s not to the point that it’s leaking right now.   But it is hail damage.  I’d say on a scale of one to ten he’s probably at an eight. “

 Following the initial bid, Myers was asked by Liberty Mutual to take pictures for them.  Bryant and Myers accompanied a second inspector hired by Liberty Mutual to inspect the roof.  Myers took the opportunity to repeat his concerns.

“'I started pointing out the hail damage to him but he said they were all mar marks.  There’s over a thousand hits up on this roof, and they’re all mar marks?  I could not believe it when he told me that.”

 Contact 2 spoke with another roofer who also looked at Bryant’s roof.  He too says there is hail damage on the roof.  Bryant thinks that should be enough to persuade his insurance adjuster.

“Hopefully he will reconsider or send a representative to maybe take a third look before closing is completely out.”

 The day we shot this story we left a message for Liberty Mutual's Senior Branch Manager.   Ironically that same day someone else from the company called Karl Bryant and scheduled another inspection with yet another inspector.    Bryant says he should hear this week whether Liberty Mutual is changing its decision. 

A spokesperson for Liberty Mutual says the company cannot comment publicly on any policyholder claims.   We'll let you know what they decide. 

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