Baby Chimp Attack And Killed In Front Of Zoo Goers In LA

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LOS ANGELES, CA. (CNN) - A baby chimpanzee was attacked and killed by an adult chimpanzee at the Los Angeles Zoo...right in front of a shocked crowd.

Zoo officials say the three-month-old chimp's uncle snatched her out of her mother's arms.
Workers say they couldn't stop the attack because of the zoo's safety policy.  

The chimp's body was kept overnight at the zoo so her mother and grandmother could grieve.  
A curator at the zoo says the staff is also mourning the loss.

"They're devastated, you know. They are so close to this whole situation. They've been working with the chimps for a long time and they've been preparing for the birth of the baby and then preparing to get the baby introduced into the exhibit and getting all the chimps back together as a group again. They've been very closely attached to it. So, this was quite a shock to everybody. They are very professional. They did everything they needed to do to bring the chimps in and get everything settled down. I'm sure they are very sad."  

The baby was the first chimp born at the zoo in 13 years.  
In 1999, a 4-four-month-old chimp at the zoo was attacked and killed by two adult male chimps. 

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