Paul Simon Museum Set To Close

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TROY, IL. (KTVI) - In small towns the locals usually know the directions to just about anywhere in the area.

"Where is the Paul Simon Museum?” and many of the local residents of Troy Illinois don't know where the museum is located.

The museum is tucked be hide an insurance office.  Just off the road named in his honor is where you can find the Paul Simon Museum.

"We have a sign out front but people still having trouble finding us", says the museum's treasurer Kris Nudd.

Now the museum will be closing its doors at the end of the month.

"When the foot traffic isn't there, it's time to say goodbye.  This was incredible opportunity to pay respect to a great man and we're proud of what we did over the years", says museum president Regina Dunbar Hendrickson.

The museum was a lifetime career packed into one room.  The exhibits traced the career of Simon, who came to Troy as newspaperman at 19.  

The museum also has mementos from his terms in the U.S. House and Senate and his presidential campaign in 1998.

The volunteers at the museum don't see the closing as a failure.  For nearly seven years they were able to share the stories of a very beloved friend with those who did find the museum.

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