Flight Attendant Loses His Cool On American Eagle Flight

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NEW YORK, NY. (CNN) - A plane delayed for hours turned to a scene of chaos, when the flight attendant on board lost his cool and passengers caught it all on tape.

On a flight that was delayed for several hours and never got off the ground, an American Eagle flight attendant loses his cool, taking it out on passengers.

I don't want to hear anything. We will not hear anything once we close the door. So, if you have balls,  
If you have balls, is that what he said?
This is your time. Otherwise, you are going to fly with Jose.  

What's not on the tape: passengers describe the flight attendant also saying something about this being his last flight. David Abels was with his 9 year old daughter.

Well, people were shocked. And then, bravely, some people got up and walked out. And I wish I could have, but I had to get my daughter home to her mother, you know. And she was frightened. Kids were crying.  
This is what it looked like when the flight attendant confronted passengers after he made his announcement. By then, American Eagle flight 4607 had been delayed for about 5 hours. It was supposed to go from New York to Raleigh, North Carolina. Rain prevented passengers from even boarding until several hours after the flight was to scheduled to leave. Once on the runway, there were more delays...and then the plane had to turn back to refuel.

Unfortunately, our hands are tied. We cannot leave until that release is obtained.

Passengers deplaned...and by the time they got back on, things came to a boiling point. Police were called. But passenger Jon Wurster..who was sitting in first class...says it wasn't just the flight attendant to blame. He faults passengers as well.
I did feel some of the passengers overreacted.
(reporter: How so?)
I didn't feel any kind of threat coming from him. I felt when he went to the back of the plane, you got to remember, this is one guy against one hundred or so. And yeah, he by no means chose his words properly. He is definitely at fault, but I think some of the passengers are also.  

Not something David Abels agrees with.

For any passenger who was on that plane to say it was the passengers' fault. It was the flight attendant.. and the captain. They're supposed to reassure everybody and calm everybody. You think he did that?!

As for American airlines, it apologized saying... We do not believe that the passengers frustrations were met with the level of service that we expect from our people, and for that we are truly sorry

Police made no arrests, and the flight wound up being canceled. We did try reaching out to the flight attendant through the airline-- the airline says the incident is under review and that it won't discuss personnel matters. And the f-a-a says it too, is investigating.  Mary Snow, CNN, New York.