Heat Related Injuries On The Rise

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- The number of heat related injuries is now being watched closely by health departments in St. Louis City and St. Louis County.  So far, 29 people have gone to local hospital emergency rooms for treatment.  One person was admitted.

Doctor Chandra Aubin works in the emergency room at Barnes Hospital.  She said they keep worry about patients who are suffering heat stroke, "Heat stroke is defined when you start having neurological problems.  People come in confused, agitated, altered mental status and once you get to that point it can be very scary."

Medical experts use all sorts of methods to cool down patients.  Dr. Aubin said, "...catheters you put in a large vessel in the groin and that circulates cool fluid that cools the blood sort of internally for the most severe cases we do something like that."

The sizzling sun has been chasing folks inside.  Friday afternoon there were plenty of empty tables and chairs outside restaurants in the Central West End.   People who ventured out into the heat may have encountered volunteers from the Salvation Army.  They were giving away thousands of bottles of ice cold water.  Jerry Forney is a major with the Salvation Army, "When you get the goodwill out to people and also let them the people know somebody cares about them, keep cool during the hot season, we`ve never had this such of hot weather especially in June."

Nancy Hill volunteered, 'It gives me joy in my heart just to love other people.'  One woman who was given a bottle of water said, 'I think it`s awesome, really awesome.'