Hot Weather Outdoor Dining

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) -   It was still brutally hot Friday night, with no relief in sight, and because of the heat, some of the area's normal "hot spots" were not.

"Our patio out here is kind of our pride and joy, so to see it empty like this kind of hurts," said Brendan Kirby, manager of Duff's restaurant in the Central West End. "But I am sure it will cool down in a couple of weeks and get back into the 90`s.

When that's the sort of statement passing as optimism, you know things are rough.

"No one wants to sit outside and eat a steak and drink red wine when it is 105 degrees," Kirby said. Asked if the wait staff was anxious about waiting on outdoor customers, he said, "I would probably have some people quit on me."

At some places, it looked like the help did quit. Despite the sign telling customers to see the hostess for patio seating, there was hostess to see on the beautiful patio at Rosalita's Cantina on Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis.

Fortunately they also have indoor dining, and summertime delights on the menu.

"Frozen margaritas have definitely increased a little bit," said bar manager Denny Ruebert.

At Sub-Zero in the Central West End, no one was outside for happy hour, but inside customers were happy to sit at the restaurant's ice covered vodka bar.  Still, a few brave souls, like Rakim Tate, despite the heatwave, decided to sit this one out.

"I just wanted to get out,  I`m bored, I needed something to do so I came and sat out here," he said.

But no matter how hot it gets, you will always find St. Louisans enjoying Ted Drewes, even if their custard turns to soup faster than they can eat it.
"It is definitely breathtaking, you get outside and open the door and it is like somebody hit you in the face.  It`s hot, real hot, " said customer Dan Balmieri.

The hot weather is not a total loss for the restaurant business.

Some report even though people are not eating outdoors, they are still dining out, because it is so hot, people are not in the mood to stand over a hot stove.