Keeping Thousands Of Plants From Wilting

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) -  These are some thirsty plants at Planthaven nursery in Olivette.

"We put this greenhouse up so it's flame retardant plastic so it makes this under side 20 degrees cooler than out there which is 110 today and maybe 90 in here," says Pauline Cella the owner of Planthaven Nursery.

On a normal summer day this 50 gallon tank gets filled up ten times.

"Then on a day like today we fill that like 30 times and we water constantly," says Cella.

Pauline Cella starts most of these plants from seeds, which she starts in February at her O`fallon Missouri location.

"Well this space is 22 parking spaces," says Cella. "Which I don't know the square feet of that is but we can probably house over 25,000 plants."
Which means she and her employees are watering, and watering and watering some more as this asphalt makes it awful.

"So I water the plants a little bit, then I water my plants a little bit, then go back to the plants," laughs Amy Deardeuff spraying some plants.  

"You get burnt on your legs?" asks Patrick Clark.

"Yeah, my legs are always, the top of my feet, my flip flop tan line is always much worse cause of the heat down there," Deardeuff.
Cella specializes in unique annuals and perrenials, but says there`s about 12 varieties like these Vinkas, Zinias or this Shrimp plant that can take this heat.

   'I hate to say I'm conditioned for this cause you start in a green house that is about 100 when it's sunny so you become used to it, which sounds ridiculous,' Cella.  'It's still hot and you're still sweating but it's a dry heat.  Is that what they call it?

And for now they'll keep watering to keep plants and people from wilting.

Patrick Clark, News 11.