President Obama Take First Hand Look At Colorado Wildfires

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COLORADO SPRINGS, CO. (CNN) - President Obama takes a tour of the devastation caused by the Colorado wildfires.   The president has officially declared parts of Colorado a disaster area, which frees up federal funds to aid relief efforts there.  Stacey Cohan reports.

The images of the burning are now seared into the minds of the many in Colorado and across the country.  Nearly 17-thousand scorched acres in the Waldo Canyon fire alone.  346 homes confirmed destroyed....20-thousand others threatened by the flames.  
Yet it may be the faces of those facing such loss....that are most remembered.   

That's our house and it’s in flames.  And I just started crying.  There's no way around it, I was just never going to go home again. (sniffs) It's pretty sad.

President Obama toured the devastated areas in Colorado Springs Friday.

We have been everything we have in what's one of the worst fires we've seen here in Colorado. It's still early in fire season and we've got a lot more work to do.
The devastation is enormous.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families who have been affected.

But the mayor of one the hard hit communities...Colorado Springs..says the residents are rallying.

Everywhere we turn people are helping people and that is what we should be doing as a community and I'm real proud of our city.

For days the wind whipped flames have been aided by dry weather and scalding temperatures.  But Mother Nature may be giving the firefighters a reprieve the form of slightly cooler temperatures and calmer winds.      
I'm Stacey Cohan reporting.

Police found one body Friday inside a charred house near the Waldo Canyon wildfire.