St. Louis City Aldermen Vote To Cut Board In Half

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The St. Louis Aldermen have just gave first round approval to a monumental bill to cut the size of the board in half. The 19 to 6 vote came after a heated two hour debate on the floor of the board by those for and against the measure.

A bill sponsored by board vice president Phyllis Young would cut the number of Alderman from 28 down to 14.  She faced some spirited opposition to her bill by opponents who argued cutting the board would be a mistake. But, in the end she won the Friday's key vote.  That indicates almost certain passage when a final vote is taken next week.

If the bill clears the board it would go to voters on the November ballot. Assuming he legislation passes the changes would not take effect until the next census in 2020.

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