Smart 9-1-1 Saves Lives

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ST.LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – When you work as an EMS telecommunicator, as they’re called here, you get people calling who need emergency transport, who are injured in a traffic accident, who are sick, who are with someone unconscious.

And sometimes, you’re getting calls from people who are too afraid to even speak…. Yet desperately need you to understand, they need help!

Smart 9-1-1 is  Nationwide database that allows anyone with access to a computer to set up a profile for free that will pop up only when you call 9-1-.  This profile can consist of as much information or as little as you want. The point of smart 9-1-1 is to provide paramedics with as much information as is needed to treat and/or save a persons’ life.

To read more on Smart 9-1-1 follow the link

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