Local Reaction To Andy Griffith’s Death

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SOUTH ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) – Every day Danny Webb watches a familiar face on television.  ‘I’ve watch him ever since he was on Andy in Mayberry,’ says Danny Webb talking about Andy Griffith.  ‘I’ve watched Matlock every day.  Every day.’

Every morning on Channel 11 KPLR, lots of St. Louisians get up with Griffith as he gives his folksy wisdom from the fictional town of Mayberry.

‘He was just a kind of a guy that could be friends and talk to anyone on their own kevel and he was just a good guy,’ says barber Tim Ayers.

Since we don`t have a Floyd, I figured the Soulard barber shop would suffice.
What better place to talk about the small town TV sheriff that everybody seemed to know and love.

‘A lot better than these movies and shows on these days so much violence,’ says Ayers.  ‘Those that come on now have so much violence.  He didn’t even carry a gun. And I think he said a good example for everybody.’

The real life Griffith was an accomplished actor, producer, and Grammy winning musician.
His Andy Taylor on TV was a sheriff, single dad, and keeper of the peace…even when things weren`t so black and white.

‘What is it about him that so many people feel like they know him?’ says Webb.  ‘Well his personality and the way he was.  He was just good all the way around.  I’m just crazy about him.’

And Danny Webb`s not alone in that sentiment, both in Mayberry and here in the Midwest.
Patrick Clark, News 11

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