You Paid For It: Riverview Gardens Summer School

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NORTH ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO. (KTVI) - You Paid For It Finds a Huge Mistake in the Riverview Gardens School District in North County which means kids will have to come back for another week of summer school after school had already let out for the summer.

It means the School District will have to pay to bring back teachers and staff, and pay for bus transportation for all the kids.

It's because school administrators didn't do their homework before summer school began
Kids needed to be in class a half hour extra a day according to state requirements. The District didn't discover their error until summer school was over!

Kids need to get a certainly number of credit hours toward graduation from the Summer School. They won't get those hours unless they make up the class time they missed because of the District error.
Superintendent Clive Coleman refused to talk on camera with You Paid For It about the School Districts costly Mistake that means a headache for kids and teachers and taxpayers.