Residents Trying To Stay Cool During Heat Wave

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) - Fair officials said about 36 people were treated for heat related problems July 4th.  Across the St. Louis area folks were trying to keep cool. Precious Haley and her family were taking a dip in one of the water spots in Forest Park.  She said she`s been coming here since she was a child, 'I`ve been coming here since I was four or five and it`s just been a routine thing for my family and when I had my own I brought them here.'

Ceiling fans and air conditioning were keeping seniors cool at a south city activity center.  Some of them remembered the heat wave of 1936 that lefts hundreds of people dead.  Others won`t forget how families coped when summer sizzled in St. Louis and they didn`t have air conditioning.  Bea Contestabile said her mother used wet sheets at bedtime.  Madden asked: 'You`d sleep with those cold wet sheets?'  Contestabile replied, 'Yeah, and you don`t know how good they felt.'

Marion Briggs said his family slept outside where it was cooler, 'My mom and dad use to gather us up go over to Tower Grove Park and put blankets down and sleep.'

Vendors at the Soulard Farmers Market have been punished by the hot weather.  Darnell Lee said, 'Be happy to get a break in the weather'

It can`t come soon enough, a cool breeze would heat up sales.  Jean Hoeffken is a vendor, 'A break in the weather more customers are going to come down here, people just aren`t coming down because of the heat.'