Summer Pool Safety Tips

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BALLWIN, MO (KTVI) - Jordan Sicka, 3, has died.  The little boy drowned in his family's pool.  The Belleville News Democrat reported his mother says she lost track of him while folding laundry.

Jordan's death is still under investigation.  But, lifeguards with the American Red Cross at Ballwin’s North Pointe Aquatics Center recommend locking all exterior doors if you have children and a pool at home.

If you go out to a pool with lifeguards, they said parents should stop and look for certain things before jumping in.

"The lifeguard directly behind us is in a ready position, strap across their shoulder, rescue tube in front of them,” said Laure Roberts, Red Cross Aquatics Specialist. “Sunglasses on, scanning the water, actually seeing their head move back and forth."

Guards also recommend making sure all children and adults learn basic lifesaving techniques.  For instance, if a family member starts to drown, do not jump in.  Throw in an object that can float – like an empty cooler.  They can kick to safety and you do not become a second drowning victim.

More recommendations from the American Red Cross:

1. Make sure all bathroom and washroom doors are closed.  Never leave a baby in the bath, even for a minute.  Children under the age of 1 tend to drown in bathtubs and toilets.

2. Keep a phone with you while at the pool.

3. At the pool, make sure there is at least one adult trained in CPR.

4. Keep your eyes on children while they swim.  They can drown silently and within arm`s reach.

5. Avoid alcoholic beverages while watching children swim.

6. Teach children how to swim.

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