Baby Eagle Survives Utah Wildfire

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UTAH (CNN) - Truly living up to its new name "Phoenix" a baby Golden Eagle rose from the ashes of one of Utah's wildfires.  As Todd Tanner reports, a wildlife expert went to the eagles' nesting ground, expecting to find a fire victim.  Instead he discovered a sole survivor.

"For him to survive something like that is just outstanding. There's just no words for it."
The story of this eagle starts on June 1st when he was photographed by Kent Keller.
"He is a bird bander, so he goes up and bands these birds in the nest. That gives us longevity records of what's going on with the nesting behaviors."
"And in this nest on a ledge high above the community of Eagle Mountain. He was the single baby in the nest ..."
On June 21st, the human caused "dump" fire began burning. Thousands of acres were consumed over several days, including the nest site with the eaglet too young to fly. Kent returned several days later.
"He basically went back to retrieve a band. He went to close out the information, the data on the band." "So he went back thinking he was going to find a dead bird?" "Right, right."
but this symbol of freedom was found alive..on the fourth of July. Now named phoenix, this eagle truly did rise from the ashes.
"The flames had to engulf his body because they're on the top of his head his back the under his wings they are on his legs."
"You can see the shafts up here, still growing, but they're pretty much done for."
handlers say phoenix has a long way to go, but his future looks promising.
"We're hoping to release him. That's our goal is to get him back out into the wild."

In spite of his burned beak, Phoenix has started to eat on his own again.
It will be at least a year before he will be able to return to the wild because that's how long it will take him to grow new feathers.