Farmers Dealing With Damage To Crops After Severe Storms

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WATERLOO, IL (KTVI)-- Farmers in the Metro East are assessing the damage to their corn crops after weekend storms brought strong gusting winds that flattened acres and acres of their fields.

First the farmers were dealing with the drought then the storms rolled through bringing much needed rain and gusting winds that damaged crops during severe storms.

Farmers in Waterloo, Illinois had high hopes for this years' planting season. There was even talk of record setting corn crops, but then the heat wave settled in.

Kevin Vogt works at Gateway FS. The company sells seed and insecticides to farmers worried about their crops. 

Everyone around there hoped and prayed for rain and was glad when it rolled in over the weekend pounding the viewing area. However, they didn't count on strong gusting winds that dealt a double blow to their corn crops.

Acres and acres of corn that once stretched toward the sky now touch the ground after a brutal beating by Mother Nature that began the whipping season with blistering heat.

Willard Schutt has been farming nearly 40 years. He's obviously disappointed about the damage his corn has endured but somehow manages to take things in stride.

Farmers say the corn that hasn't pollinated yet has a good chance of survival if it gets more rain.