Soldier’s Dog Dilemma Solved By Stranger

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A soldier based in St. Louis was forced to leave his pet dog behind because of temperature restrictions imposed by airlines.

Army Pfc. Anthony Burris is being relocated from St. Louis to Hawaii.  He was prepared to travel with his dog, Chester, but received a last minute phone call from his airline the day he was scheduled to depart.

“They told me they don’t transport dogs if the forecast is more than 85 degrees,” said Burris.

So he was left in pinch.

“Everywhere I go, he goes,” said Burris.  “I didn’t know what to do.”

That’s when a south St. Louis family stepped up.  Michele Duda loves dogs and is currently fostering three of them in her home.

She didn’t know Burris or Chester but offered to take in Chester until the temperature is cool enough to fly him to his owner.

Burris dropped off Chester Sunday afternoon on his way to the airport.

“I’m not good at giving back to my country like Anthony is by being in the Army,” said Duda.  “At least I can help them out while they are doing their job for us.”

Burris says he does not have a problem with the airline policy.  His problem is with the weather, “I hope it cools off soon.”