All-Star Game Baseball Card Values

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WEST ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KTVI) - Since 1989 Wally Militzer has been keeping an eye on some baseball cards.

'Wally, do you really, have a million cards?' asks Patrick Clark.

'Pat I do,' says Wall Militzer, owner of 1,000,000 Baseball Cards in West County.  'Do you wanna come in this weekend and count them?'
'No,' says Clark laughing.

But you can count on Militzer to tell you which All-Star has rookie card cache.

'So if Brice Harper or Mike Trout would hit a homerun tonight I can guarantee you people across the country would be going into their local card store asking for a Mike Trout or Brice Harper Trout card,' says Militzer.

Also meeting expectations are Yu Darvish and Stephen Strassburg.
Or there`s his best selling card in his first full season, Lance Lynn.

'He's got potential he made the all star team in his first year as a starter and his rookie card only cost two dollars and 50 cents,' says Militzer.

Most people don`t have his 2011 rookie card, which has potential like another player.

'Albert Pujols cards in 2001 we sold for seven dollars,' admits Militzer.  'Now we sell for 59 dollars.'

'What about a guy, like Furcal, who made the All-Star team.  Is his value pretty good?' asks Clark.

'Now what's real hard to get on this guy is that he only has two Cardinal cards,' says Militzer.  'Again theses only go for a dollar fifty and are hard to get.'

And then there`s the tale of two Carlos Beltrans.

'Here he was a rookie not a known player,' says Militzer pointing to a card with Beltran`s rookie picture but with `Juan LeBron` printed across the front.

'Juan LeBron, same thing, not a known player,' says Militzer.  'Nobody knew what the guy looked like back then.  So whoever was proofing the thing they didn't know what the guy looked like.'

That`s the real Beltran from his rookie year in 1995.

Who knew a case of mistaken identity could make you some moolah.

Patrick Clark, News 11.