New Englanders Stealing David Hasselhoff Posters

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SOMERVILLE,  MA. (CNN) -   One Boston-area store can barely keep its latest ad for iced coffee in stock.  
But it's not the cup of Joe that's creating a frenzy.  It's the life-sized cut-outs of "Baywatch" star David Hasselhoff!  

Ryan Schulteis has the story.  

David Hasselhoff works for Cumberland Farms.  
His face is everywhere, trying to tempt you to buy a refreshing iced coffee.  
But coffee isn't the hot item here...
It's the ads themselves, with his picture on them.  
They are being stolen from stores all over New England.  
"One of my friends, whose nickname at school is Hasselhoff, so we saw this sign and my roommate took it for him. It's in her house right now. When we got back to school, it will be in my friend's room."
the signs are so popular, they have stores keep a close eye on them so they don't walk right out the door.
"I've never had anyone steal any, but it doesn't surprise me."
This store in Braintree hasn't had any stolen yet, but that doesn't mean people don't want get their hands on the Hoff.
"It's crazy. They keep offering. They come in -- we probably get customers probably every night asking to buy the Hasselhoff poster."
why do people want this poster so bad?
"I don't know, man. I don't know. It's just like Germany. The Hasselhoff thing is, you know, really hot I guess. I don't know."
Cumberland Farms says, "although we are flattered our customers have become attached to our iced coffee ads, we do not encourage theft. The Hoff is there for all to enjoy."
They also said they don't know how many ads have been stolen, but they keep getting calls from stores for replacements.
Here in Somerville, they're just waiting for the Hoff to take off.
"It ain't gonna last by the night, but it's still there!"

The former America's Got Talent judge celebrated his 60-th birthday Tuesday.