St. Louis Zoo: Seals Probably Died From Stress

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ST. LOUIS (AP) -The St. Louis Zoo says three harbor seals that

died in June while moving to the zoo from Canada likely died from
stress caused by the trip. Zoo officials say in a news release that multiple factors caused
the deaths but the main problem was myopathy, or muscle disease,
which can develop under stress. One seal survived the trip and has
joined the zoo’s seal display. Eric Miller, the zoo’s director of zoological operations, says
investigators found no evidence of heat stress in the seals.
The seals came from Storybook Gardens, a theme park in London,
Ontario. Zoo officials also say there was an identity mix-up involving a dead seal and the survivor. Nunavut, who was listed among the dead in June, is alive. Nunavut’s mother, Peanut, died.