Ameren Taking Steps To Prevent Power Outages

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Prolonged heat waves have caused rolling blackouts in the metro area in years past. However, there haven't been any massive power outages this summer because of extreme heat.

The reason is simple Ameren says it's being proactive, taking preventative measures to keep the power on.

Years ago, extreme heat, took a toll on power systems in the metro area that resulted in rolling blackouts. Thousands of customers were left without electricity.

In an effort, to make sure that didn't happen again, Ameren Missouri says new procedures were put in place to make their operation run more effectively and efficiently.

And their power system is analyzed every year to identify and repair weak spots but that's not all. 

Kevin Anders with Ameren says they spent millions of dollars to upgrade its system.

 Perhaps, one customer trying to keep cool in this heat summed it up best when she said that was money well spent.