Contact 2: Pool Safety

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) - A portable pool intended to make kids happy, becomes a death trap for a little girl in Union MO.   The child's death is a horrible yet re-occurring event during the summer months.  Home pools, whether in ground, above ground or portable must be monitored to protect kids.

The little girl was found in 18 inches of water in a neighbor's inflatable pool much like this one.   Nationwide ninety children under the age of 15 drowned since Memorial Day.  And 106 near drowning cases required emergency response.  The American Red Cross works to prevent such tragedies according to Kathy Ray Health Safety Services Manager.

'If you have portable pool, the best thing you can do is empty it after each use and turn it upside down. Or deflate it.'

If the pool is in ground or above ground consider some other safety measures.  That`s where you want to look at putting up a fence or putting a cover on the pool. Or putting some type of alarm in the water so that if someone gets in the water it sets off the alarm.  The fence should be at least four foot high.  You should also keep rescue supplies close-by.  Ray says an empty plastic bottle or the like can be tied to a rope.

'If you step on the end of the rope and toss this out to someone who`s in distress, then you can pull them into safety.'
And don't forget an empty cooler works like a flotation device.  These homemade rescue devices are great but Ray cautions consumers, nothing beats...paying attention

'The biggest thing is always be sure children are supervised anytime they are around a swimming pool.  Teach your children how to swim.  Anyone from six months to adulthood can learn to swim.'

Contact the American Red Cross, the local YMCA or the Consumer Product Safety Commission for other pool safety tips.