Kyle, The Dog Whisperer

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(KTVI) - Did you know that your dog's wagging tail can actually mean something other than that he's happy?

Kyle Smith, the St. Louis Dog Whisperer, talked about the three most common misconceptions people have about dogs:

  • A wagging tail is a sign of a happy dog
  • Never stare directly into a dog`s eyes
  • The human needs to dominate or be the "alpha dog" of the house, not the dog.

These misunderstandings can negatively impact your relationship with your dog and may lead to problem behaviors. Remember that:

  • A wagging tail can mean many things; the position or direction is the key to discerning the dog`s feelings
  • It`s okay to stare; but you need to know how and why
  • It is not about dominance, the key is calm, confident leadership

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