Apartment Fire Victims Begin Moving Out

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Tenants are saying a final goodbye to the 3949 Apartments. Starting Monday they get one last look at their apartments to salvage what they can from the condemned building.

Local mover Two Men and a Truck is helping to make the transition to a new life easier by offering free boxes and moving services.

The fire left more than 190 people displaced. On Monday renters showed up and had 90 minutes to retrieve what they could from the building. Manager Steve West says they just want to make the transition easier for the victims.

“We thought one way we can help out the victims is to provide boxes to tenants moving out they have a short time frame to get their belongings,” said West.

Tenants like Susan Mondeloh say they are thankful for every bit of help they can get from movers and apartment staff. She lost everything in the fire, but was able to retrieve the most important possession, her bike.

“They just reached inside of my apartment and grabbed it and just meant everything. It was the one thing I wanted to get, it made this that much easier,” said Mondeloh.

At least tenants are set to move out per day, 6 have scheduled appointments with the movers to get their stuff out. Movers expect to give out at least 500 boxes per day. They also plan to be on site as needed until the moves are complete.