St. Louis Area Desensitized To Gun Violence

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ST. LOUIS,MO (KTVI)-- The nation is riveted to news from Colorado but we've mostly stopped paying attention to gun crimes in our own back yard.

What FOX 2 news covered overnight last night is pretty typical, eight shootings, one fatality. But the everyday level of gun violence around us is so great that many people don't pay attention any more, unless it’s a mass murder.

Part of that, say experts, is because St. Louis has one of the nation's highest gun murder rates and one of the highest rates of gun violence overall. That means after a while, we tend to ignore news of shootings since we hear about them so often.

Another part is that most of the gun crimes tend to occur in poor largely African-American areas which are most often ignored by the larger society.

Experts say gun crimes in those areas are up because there are more guns on the streets now which are used by many young people.