You Paid For It: St. Louis Community College Shells Out $7.1 Tax Dollars For “Taj Mahal”

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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) - A strange deal tonight on You Paid For it. It looks like the Taj Mahl of public buildings and it cost taxpayers $5.5 Million to buy it.  It comes complete with and elaborate in-door water fall and other amenities like an outdoor patio with a pond.

Who'd would buy something like this with your money? The answer is St. Louis Community College that bought it for its New Corporate Training Center.

Investigator Elliott Davis grill Community College Trustee Craig Larson who insists you're getting a good deal for the dollars.  He calls it a real bargain.

Larson says the waterfall was there when they bought the building on McKelvy Road in Bridgeton.
Even though you paid $5.5 million bucks for it the building is actually a fixer upper. You had to spend $1.7 million dollars to renovate it bringing the total taxpayer tab to $7.1 Million Dollars.