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British Newspapers Slam Romney Over Olympic Comments

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LONDON, UK. (CNN) - GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is treading lightly in London.
Remarks Romney made about Olympics preparations were not flattering or well received.  
Jim Acosta reports from London.

"Mitt Romney would probably like to take the Olympic torch to the headlines coming out of London this morning. Consider what was in "The Sun" newspaper, where he was dubbed, 'Mitt the Twit.' Over in the
"Daily Mail" he was called the "party-pooper", all of this after his comments earlier in the week about

London's readiness to host the Olympic games. He has since walked back those remarks. Consider what he said to CNN's Piers Morgan when he was asked about the controversy. He sort of side-stepped the question but at the same time, he did acknowledge the energy and enthusiasm in this city for the Olympics. Here's what he had to say."

"You slightly criticized, knocking the British enthusiasm, as if you hadn't picked up on much enthusiasm. Are you feeling it now?"

"Well, I'm delighted to see the kind of support that's been around the torch, for instance. I watched last night on the BBC an entire program about the torch being run across Great Britain and the kind of crowds, I guess millions of people that turned out to see the torch. That's what you hope to see."
"Meanwhile, Romney does have a lighter schedule today. He met with the leader of Ireland. That leader asked Romney about how he had to walk to that event because some of the traffic restrictions here in the city. He said he didn't mind the walk. It is safe to say, Mitt Romney is walking on egg shells in London today. Jim Acosta, CNN, London.
Romney told British leaders he hopes to take in an Olympics swimming competition during his time in London.

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