Heat Blamed For Water Main Breaks

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KPLR) - Homeowners in Bridgeton, St. Ann and Maryland Heights have been talking about the water main break all day.  Water was gushing out of a broken pipe.

According to Missouri American Water there have been at least 20 breaks and repairs with more expected. Officials say the line breaks are examples of old pipes in need of repair. They also say dry conditions and shifting soil are the main cause for the spike in water calls.

“The ground is coming up and water is coming out everywhere, so I’m filling up jugs right now so we’ll have water. I’m sure they will turn the water off,” said homeowner Cindy Derda.

Missouri American Water says it’s spending $50 million to update and replace old pipes with a history of breaking. Most of the water in the affected areas is turned back on. There’s no word on how many gallons were lost.