President Obama Campaigns In Ohio

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OHIO (CNN) - Wolf, President Obama has visited Ohio a dozen times since he announced his re-election bid last spring.  This is one of a handful of key states that will most likely decide the election.

The president was swinging at his opponent today...starting in Mansfield, Ohio...
Hitting his tax proposals that he says will hurt middle class families.
But Mr. Obama came under fire today on two fronts....defense budget cuts, and his auto bailout.

It's standard operating procedure on the campaign trail ....drop in for burgers or sweets at popular local spots.

A photo-op meant to re-enforce the president’s re-election message...
That he's looking out for hard working American’s and small business owners and his opponent Mitt Romney’s policies will only benefit the very rich.

"Folks making more than three-million the top one-tenth of one percent would get a tax cut of a quarter million a year. Think about that."

To drive that point home, the president touted a new report by the tax policy center. It didn't specifically analyze Romney’s plan, but found that similar proposals benefit high-income families and increase the tax burden on the middle class.

"Does that sound like a good plan for economic growth? [Crowd shouts NO] Does that sound like a plan you can afford?

The Romney campaign....that sent its bus to circle the president’s event in Akron, dismissed the report as another liberal study, and blamed the presidents failed policies for the ailing economy.

And they took another shot at the president's auto bailout, [in a new ad]
Releasing a new ad in a state where one out of every eight jobs is tied to the auto industry.

"The dream we worked so hard for is gone..."

But in campaign ads and on the trail, the president routinely takes credit for rescuing the auto industry and saving hundreds of thousands of jobs.

It wasn't just auto's in the crosshairs on this visit...but airplanes. Air Force One touched down at the National Guard Base in Mansfield, home to the 179th Airlift Wing and the C27 cargo plane.

Defense budget cuts threaten the planes' future and this base's mission.
In a statement, republican Ohio Senator Rob Portman said:

"These Ohioans have answered the call to serve. They must be pretty frustrated to see the president drop into town....and fail to give them a straight answer about his plans to end their important mission."