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Wildfires Devastate Oklahoma Communities

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MANNFORD, OK. (CNN) - It could be days before the wildfires in Oklahoma are fully contained and under control. The damage has been widespread, even affecting a TV news anchor's home near Tulsa.  Reporter Burt Mummolo has more.
The color green is now a rarity in much of Mannford.
The landscape is either blackened or covered in white ash, continuing to smolder.
The blaze so furious, aluminum ladders melted and telephone poles were either toppled or eaten from The ground up leaving the top half suspended by the lines.
"I've never seen anything like it in my life."
Les Evans is one of the lucky ones.
His home made it.
He was keeping his eye on a nearby shack that was burning as he tried to put into words the wall of flames that roared towards his property.
"Pure hell is the only thing I can say."
"We've issued an emergency declaration."
Governor Fallin touring the area with a host of officials, including the state insurance commissioner worried about those with no coverage.
"Those without insurance, we need to work with the faith community, work with the charities and maybe establish the command center at the same point, because we want to make sure there's some things that you know, work with the governor and see what we can do for them."
A concern shared even by those who lost their homes.
Channel 8's Keith Taylor: his house was insured, now a pile of rubble.
Despite the devastation, his thoughts are with the less fortunate.
"That's the sad part to me, is we've got insurance, you know and it hurts, but there's other people who lost absolutely everything, have no way to bounce back, I feel for them. We'll be fine. We're gonna be Okay, but I worry about those other folks, I’m sorry."

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