Follow The Missouri Primary On Twitter With FOX 2

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Follow The Missouri Primary On Twitter

Our reporters are following the Missouri Primary LIVE from the candidate’s headquarters. Keep upwith the latest updates by following their tweets. You can follow all of our reporter’s tweets here. Want the news from the candidates? You can see what they are saying by following our handy list. You can access the list of all the candidate’s tweets here.

  Candidate Location Reporter  
  US Senate:      
Rep. W Todd Akin Todd Akin St. Charles, MO George Sells George Sells
Sarah Steelman Sarah Steelman Rolla, MO Andy Banker Andy Banker
John Brunner John Brunner Clayton, Mo Betsey Bruce Betsey Bruce
  US Congress:      
Lacy Clay Lacy Clay St. Louis City Andy Banker Bonita Cornute
Russ Carnahan St. Louis City charlesjaco Charles Jaco
  MO Gov Republicans:      
Dave Spence Frontenac, MO Roche Madden Roche Madden
Bill Randles Clayton, MO ANTHONY KIEKOW Anthony Kiekow