Lost Hog Thinks Its A Dog

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BARNHART, MO (KTVI) - There's an unusual animal at Jefferson County Animal Control.

"Looks like a duck.  Walks like a duck.  Quacks like a duck.  It's a pig." said Jefferson County Animal Control Manager James Taylor.

A female potbellied pig found on Friday the 13th of July rummaging around a residential area.

"Probably had been somebodies pet at some point.  The poor girl thinks she's a dog.   She uses the doghouse,  she eats out of dog dishes.   You know, I put food down for her on the ground and she won't eat it.  She only eats out of the dog bowl." said James Taylor.

That's right, this hog thinks she's a dog.  Animal control doesn't normally take livestock, but this little piggy seemed different.  The rightful owners have 30 days to pick up their porker or else she'll be up for adoption.
The pig that thinks it's a dog get to hang out with the dogs until Monday.  But don't worry there some inquisitive minds that want to take her home.

"We have a number of people who are interested in adopting her.  We have a number of rescue groups interested.  I'm suspecting there will be a number of people here on the 14th saying I want the pig." said James Taylor.

So never fear, she won't be frying up in a pan anytime soon. For now the sow known by its I.D. Number 212541.

Once the owner is found then the hog that thinks it is a dog can go, "wee, wee, wee all the way home."