Milk Recall Issued For Missouri Dairy

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – Missouri officials have recalled some milk products produced by a dairy in northwest Missouri.

The state Department of Agriculture says in a release that test results received Aug. 8 showed some milk products from the Shatto Dairy in Osborn may have been unpasteurized or improperly pasteurized, which can lead to illness.

The department said in a release Wednesday that it’s temporarily suspended the dairy’s operations while the state investigates.

The recalled milk is packaged in glass bottles and may have been sold in Missouri and Kansas. The recalled products include half-gallon bottles of whole milk, quart bottles of 1 percent and skim milk, pints of 2 percent milk, half and half, cotton candy flavored whole milk and cream. The code dates are Aug. 17, Aug. 19 and Aug. 20.