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You Paid For It: East St. Louis Red Light Money

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EAST ST. LOUIS, IL. (KTVI) - In Monday’s you paid for it catches up to the East St. Louis mayor who's trying to ravel a red light camera mess.  It’s keeping East St. Louis from being paid.

We learn the city had thousands of dollars in red light ticket money in hand.but let it get away.

The red right cameras have been up since January here at 25th and state streets, drivers have shelled out nearly $60,000 in ticket fines. But so far the city doesn't have any money to show for it because of a mistake with the contract officials didn't catch.

In a new development in this story, Mayor Alvin Parks told me the city let thousands of dollars in ticket payments get away.

The contract calls for all the payments to be sent to the red light company.

Mayor Alvin Parks:"We made an adjustment we wanted to provide convenience and service for citizens and have them be able to pay here at city hall at the treasurer’s office!"

The city got $14,000 from the walk in ticket payments collected at city hall.

It sent the money to the camera company in Tennessee.

Elliott Davis:"So you collected the money and the city had to send it to the company?

Mayor Parks we sent it to the company and the company in turn.”

Elliott Davis:"Supposed to send you back you're cut!"

Mayor Parks:"Send us our cut

Elliott Davis: “But you're not getting your cut!"

Mayor Park:"So far.”

East St. Louis figures the red light camera company has taken in around $60,000.

The city is supposed to get a 60 percent cut of the money.

But a contract mistake slipped through that said the company doesn't have to give the city its share until all of the tickets are paid, not paid as the money is collected.

So if 100 tickets are issued, the city doesn't get paid until all 100 are actually paid.

Earlier this week I grilled the City Manager Deletra Hudson whose office was in charge of the red light camera contract.

Elliott Davis:"So you signed off on the contract?

Deletra Hudson:"I signed off on the contract!"

Ellitot Davis:"You signed off on the contract with the language in it.?"

Deletra Hudson:"Yes!"

Deletra Hudson:"We thought that the language that should have been included in the contract was added!"

Elliott Davis:"But it wasn't!"

Deletra Hudson:"But it was not.”

Mayor Parks says the city is negotiating to change the contract to try and get it's money.

Mayor Parks:"We'll ultimately we have to take responsibility as a city administration and city council because we're the ones who voted for it this facility as a city administration and city council!

Elliott Davis:"We'll stay on top of this deal and let you know what happens.

Remember if you spot questionable government spending.

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After all You Paid For It.

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